About us

At Ajkla Mansion, we specialise in renovating old Palazzos in Valletta and turning them into a marriage of both the modern and classic - retaining their old imposing history whilst catered with the latest technologies and amenities. We strive to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and our team has a flair for innovation and designing - always keeping in mind the needs of our clients.

Training and exposition to different designs and trends are something that we believe sets us apart from the rest of the companies that provide a similar service.

Ajkla Mansion is our first love. It was our first property to be developed and will always have a special place in our hearts. It is managed by our company VLR Property, where we manage our own properties as well as properties belonging to our neighbours in Valletta. You can book directly at our customer website VallettaHoliday.com and see our full range of properties. Visit us at VallettaHoliday.com to see availability today or feel free to contact us directly.